Important update:  This popular and intensive course is now online through 12 learning modules.  You can continue to book for the online course.

Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Training is our “Rolls Royce” course. It is a comprehensive 3-day offline or 12 modules online course presented by PhD. graduate, thought leader, adult sensory processing expert, Dr Annemarie Lombard who is also the founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting. The course is CPD accredited (±20 CEU’s) and incorporates key theory, research and practice concepts of sensory processing for application with adults.  It is open to you if you have a solid background and interest in human sciences. Attending this course is a prerequisite to becoming an associate and licensed user. While this course adds a new tool for practitioners in their respective field of interest, it is also life-changing in helping you to connect with your own sensory thresholds, career choices and working habits.

What exactly can we do for you?

Target Group

  • Registered healthcare professionals (Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Social workers, etc.)
  • Healthcare professionals working with adults in the sensory processing and mental health industries
  • Lifestyle and executive coaches interested in expanding their service offering
  • HR, Training and/or Organisational development practitioners who would be interested to incorporate Sensory Intelligence® as a program in their organisations
  • Any person (with the above credentials) who wishes to become an associate/licensed user

Course Outcomes

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of adult sensory processing to implement insights and tools for your clients
  • Learn the art of Sensory Matrix™ assessment and how to use it with yourself and your clients
  • Understand complex sensory neuroscience concepts in a more practical and easy-to-use format
  • How to help people to understand and accept themselves and then improve the quality of life, home, work and relationships
  • Get upskilled in the newest research and development of sensory processing for adults
  • Expand and improve your service as a healthcare provider for adults in mental health and/or educational settings
  • Expand your services as a coach to achieve results faster and efficiently to reduce stress, preserve energy and maximize day-to-day performance in both lifestyle and executive coaching
  • Provide a staff development and training methodology for organisations who want to invest in their employee’s mental health, well-being and productivity


  • The theory and constructs of sensory processing
  • Neuroscience support, pathways, and connections
  • Latest research in adult sensory processing
  • Sensory assessments for adults
  • Individual sensory assessment: The Sensory Matrix™
  • Sensory Tree™ – an easy analogy to understand sensory thresholds
  • Sensory Audits™ – understanding space and environments
  • Sensory overload and stress
  • Sensory Intelligence® applications
  • Intervention models and tools
  • Understand the regulatory properties of the senses
  • Self-regulation as a key self-development concept
  • Sensory snacks, sensory diets and sensory ergonomics
  • Ethical considerations and responsibilities of practitioners
  • Case discussions and group sharing

Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Training – more information

  • Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Training is typically run once a year and since moving it to online can accommodate 20-30 delegates per course across the world. We offer two time slots to accommodate various time zones.
  • You need to submit proof of professional registration with your application form.
  • Course fees include access to our learning management system with downloadable learning content, 2 Sensory Matrix passwords for online testing and CPD accreditation.
  • You must use one Sensory Matrix passwords to complete the online test for yourself and use the second password for a client, friend or colleague. These results are used for case studies on the course.
  • Attendance does NOT grant you the rights to use the Sensory Intelligence® brand name and trademarks for any personal or financial gain.
  • The workshop material is copyrighted. You are welcome to apply for licensing options after the course to work closely with us and use our IP.
  • We do NOT provide a therapeutic hands-on approach but a consultative method using sensory assessments and related strategies and protocols as the intervention basis.
  • This course does NOT enable you to work with children hands-on. For sensory integration therapy applied with children, we suggest you contact your local sensory integration body or association for continuing education in this area.
Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Training


Judith Snailham - Occupational Therapist
Judith Snailham
Occupational Therapist
“I recently attended the Sensory Intelligence 3-day course in Derby, UK….and haven’t stopped talking/thinking about it since (as my friends & colleagues can confirm!). I have previously attended other courses on Sensory approaches, but this one has made a significant impact!

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I have never been so inspired, invigorated, interested….and intrigued after a course! It has completely altered the way I perceive myself, my colleagues, my patients and our environments! I work in an adult acute mental health in-patient ward and feel that understanding and providing sensory interventions & being more aware of how our sensory needs impact on not only ourselves, but equally on the care we provide, are integral to this setting. I’m very hopeful (& determined) that utilising and sharing my learning will have a significant and positive impact. Thank you, Annemarie. I will be back in touch with you in the near future with thoughts of how I might take this forward. Highly recommend this course!”

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Lauren Burn - Occupational Therapist
Lauren Burn
Occupational Therapist
“I attended the Sensory Intelligence Practitioner’s course last week after two friends had recommended it to me and it was absolutely fantastic.

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I learnt so much about myself, how to understand the clients I work with; and by the end of it I felt equipped with a range of strategies that I can use in my every day practice. It was a privilege to learn from Dr Annemarie Lombard, an expert in this field. The course left me feeling very inspired, and excited about my career as an OT. Highly recommend this course to anyone!”

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Linda Hiemstra - Occupational Therapist
Linda Hiemstra
Occupational Therapist
“I have always felt that OT is particularly well positioned to help people with chronic pain live their best life. The practitioners course last week highlighted the incredible power

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of understanding the science behind what we do. It has given me a new understanding and compassion to my clients and I can’t wait to share what I have learnt with them.”

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