Important update:  This popular and intensive course is now online through 12 learning modules.  You can continue to book for the online course.

Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Training is our “Rolls Royce” course. It is a comprehensive 3-day offline or 12 modules online course presented by PhD. graduate, thought leader, adult sensory processing expert, Dr Annemarie Lombard who is also the founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting. The course is CPD accredited (30 CEU’s) and incorporates key theory, research and practice concepts of sensory processing for application with adults.  It is open to you if you have a solid background and interest in human sciences. Attending this course is a prerequisite to becoming an associate and licensed user. While this course adds a new tool for practitioners in their respective field of interest, it is also life-changing in helping you to connect with your own sensory thresholds, career choices and working habits.

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