Sensory Intelligence® Licensed Practitioners are a group of associates who are licensed to use our material and tools in their respective field of work.  They completed our 3-day comprehensive practitioners’ course, have a solid background in human sciences and work in collaboration with us.

They typically work in healthcare, training and development, therapy, coaching and/or counselling industries.

Who are they?

Jonas Occupational Therapists
Gauteng: Adult Healthcare
+27 72 513 9876

[email protected]


The team at Jonas Occupational Therapists collectively is skilled in different techniques, and they love to use these to help people to thrive, find themselves, be authentic and love themselves.

They are a group of OT’s that love working with people and are inspired by people.  They believe in the principle of doing, being and becoming, therefore their therapy is practical and interactive.

Gauteng: Adult & Adolescent Healthcare
+27 11 421 3190

[email protected]

Occupational therapy is carried out in individual and group therapy settings and utilises a variety of activities to enable clients to learn, practice and master skills.

They also believe that preventing and managing mental illness is key to keeping clients at work.  Therefore, they present workshops on topics such as stress management, conflict resolution, boundaries and personality styles and communication.


Keri-Lee Roebert: 083 533 8672

Nadia Joubert: 083 343 2753

Roanne Muller : 082 775 6722

Sonet Steyn: 072 997 8084

Estelle Bester
Port Elizabeth: Adult & Adolescent Healthcare
+27 82 372 6670

[email protected]

Estelle is a registered Occupational Therapist, with over 25 years experience working in the pediatric field. She obtained her degree in 1990 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She qualified as a Sensory Integration therapist in 1997.

She believes in and has experienced the value of “being connected” with one’s own senses on a daily basis. In her private practice she has seen many parents find peace and healing through knowledge and new insights that they gained during the therapeutic processes of their children.

As an Occupational Therapist she gradually began to make a shift towards working with individuals, young adults and families.

She truly believes in the neuroscience behind sensory processing and is becoming increasingly aware of the beneficial impact of “sensory connectedness” on stress levels in our personal lives, work environments and living spaces.

She is passionate about guiding others on their journey towards finding their own ”sense of awe”, in order to optimize personal growth, levels of happiness and self-confidence as wells as improved productivity.

Ronel van der Westhuizen
Cape Town & surrounding areas: Adult Healthcare
+27 72 101 7428

[email protected]

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Ronel is a qualified Occupational Therapist with a special interest in mental health.

She strongly believes in the importance of allowing individuals the opportunity to gain insight into who they are and to facilitate understanding in this regard.

Ronel has experienced how this level of self-awareness leads to better performance for individuals, and ultimately to increased happiness and better quality of life.

Ida Doyer
Gauteng: Corporate &
Call centre
+27 83 948 3628

[email protected]

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Ida has been working in the field of paediatric sensory integration since qualifying in 1998 as an Occupational Therapist. To her, sensory integration is the most powerful and addictive tool to achieve emotional and social wellbeing. Owning a thriving private practice for almost 15 years has embedded a daily sense of awe for Ida regarding powerful bottom-up sensory strategies in both the individual and group setting.
She completed a Mphil in Industrial Psychology in 2005 and has always been interested in working in adult mental health and corporate wellness. Overwhelmed and stressed parents as well as adolescent siblings of children seen in her practice are often on the verge of burn-out and have benefitted from sensory assessment and sensory self-management.

Her own bottom up strategies include napping, training, spicy foods, her well-worn track suit with a hot water bottle, as well as vigilantly guarding her need for silence at the end of a long day.

Ida believes that we all need the empowering wisdom of understanding our unique sensory assesss.

“If anything makes me tick, it is to establish meaningful relationships and equipping people to self-regulate and function at full throttle; and having fun while they’re at it.”

Lezanne Fieuw
Cape Town and surrounding areas: Adult Healthcare
+27 61 520 2172

[email protected]


The therapists at Fieuw Occupational Therapy are passionate about helping individuals realize their full potential. We believe in the intrinsic power of each individual and help people to harness their own strengths.
We provide a variety of services, often focused on assisting individuals who are recovering from a health condition and would like to return to work and life.

Lauren Clark
Gauteng: Workplace design, Health & well-being
+27 65 697 1333

[email protected]

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Lauren is a connector and thrives when able to bridge different fields. She combines her expertise in design with Sensory Intelligence® insights to facilitate greater user choice in workplace environments.

Lauren is passionate about supporting choice, agency and independence for women.

Takkie Pistorius
Gauteng: Adult Healthcare
+27 84 599 9399

[email protected]


As an Occupational Therapist with more than 20 years’ clinical experience, Takkie’s ongoing passion is to be part of the healing process of her clients and patients.

“During rehabilitation, it is so fulfilling to see how an individual (especially with a mental health condition), is led through a process to better understand their strengths and challenges, and how to either overcome and/or manage their challenges. The Sensory Intelligence Tool is amazing in that it opens doors for our clients in the process of rehabilitation.”

“With my extensive clinical experience, ongoing passion in vocational rehabilitation and my training in the Sensory Intelligence Tool, I am excited to use this tool and be part of a positive change in people’s lives.”


Annabella Sequeira
+27 84 503 0087

[email protected]

She worked for 15 years in private practice (12 years based at schools) with children with Sensory Integrative dysfunction. She is passionate about her profession and about empowering others with knowledge that improves functionality and quality of life.
Annabella is married and has 3 children. She has experience both as a mother and a therapist in working with children with learning barriers as well as aiding teachers and parents in helping those children in their daily activities.



Liezet Basson
Occupational Therapist

“Just attended the three day practitioner course in Cape Town. What an exciting field for Adult Sensory Wellness, stress management and intervention. So amazing to get to know myself and how I interact with my environment through my sensory thresholds.”

Nadia Joubert and Keri-Lee Roebert
Occupational Therapists at Work4Life
“We have found the Sensory Matrix tremendously valuable for clients in our mental health facility and return to work practice. Most new patients that are referred for our OT treatment receives a Sensory Matrix assessment. The report suggestions are easy, simple and practical.

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It provides information that our clients can implement regardless of their current stage of illness. It creates a positive and proactive approach which give our patients hope and facilitates their recovery journey.”

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Donné Nel
Occupational Therapist

Dr Annemarie Lombard is a dynamic speaker who engages the audience with her presentation style and extensive knowledge of sensory integration. It was a privilege to be enlightened at a recent talk on Sensory Intelligence and ergonomics, and I am grateful for her openness to share her well-researched approach.