Sensory Intelligence® Consulting provides high-quality training and professional development delivered by experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable Occupational Therapists.  Sensory Intelligence® Educator Training is comprehensive training workshops cover complex neuroscience in an accessible and easy to understand manner.  Alongside the theory, we provide you with practical and user-friendly strategies, including tips and tools to take back to the classroom, home and playground for immediate implementation and results.

What exactly can we do for you?

Sensory Intelligence® Educator Training

  • Stress management and self-regulation for teachers
  • Sensory style assessments and managing behavior in the classroom
  • Sensory audits for the classroom – adapt learning spaces for optimal focus
  • Helping children cope better with stress and anxiety in the classroom
  • Sensory play and how it improves learning and development
  • Concentration skills for children – helping children to self-regulate
  • Study and learning tips and tools for children with learning problems
  • How to deal with sensory issues in autism

Parenting Power Hours

  • Healthy habits for parents
  • Guilt-free family relationships
  • Why do so many children have ADHD?
  • Coping with stress for kids
  • Survival kit for my fussy child
  • Balancing technology so that my child can develop best
Sensory Intelligence® Educator Training