In order to support people during COVID-19 and lockdown, we are running online training sessions. As occupational therapists, we can empower you with critical skills to manage the new norm of home and online working but we also help you to improve your self-care and resulted in better mental health.  Check our online shop for more information, we have free seats in every workshop. If you are a business leader and want an internal workshop for your team, contact me

The world of work is sensory overloaded, busy, complex, competitive, changing and volatile. Being able to thrive and succeed is a deeply personal and human skill acquired through a learning journey, not read in a manual.  Sensory Intelligence® Corporate Training workshops and courses are deeply rooted in sensory processing and neuroscience.  We provide you with the necessary insights, skills and strategies to cope best with your daily demands. Soft skills are regarded as key critical work skills in order to be effective and competitive for the new world of work.  As COVID-19 is changing how the world works, we need to be flexible, adaptable and be able to cope best with all the changes.

What exactly can we do for you?

Emotional Health and Well-being

  • The Sensory Matrix™️ – how to understand and manage yourself
  • Self-regulation – easy tips and tools to manage attention, emotion and behavior
  • Reduce stress, boost energy and have more time
  • Focus – how to reduce distractions and be more productive
  • Sensory mindfulness made easy and accessible for all
  • Resilience – how to thrive in the new world of work
  • Work-life integration – juggling work, life and parenting

Open Plan Office Productivity

  • The Sensory Matrix™️ – how to understand and manage yourself
  • Workspace and sensory audits – understand the senses in environments
  • Diversity and needs – understanding why and how people are different
  • Distraction versus collaboration – using workspaces effectively
  • Sensory ergonomics – how to make it practical and remove irritations
  • Open plan office conduct and etiquette
  • Moving into virtual, flexible and activity based workspaces – what, where, how, why?

Team Building with a Difference

  • IQ, EQ and Sensory Intelligence® – how it all works together
  • The Sensory Matrix™️ – how to manage and understand myself
  • The Sensory Tree™️ – easy and fun analogy to understand my team
  • The good, the bad and the ugly – unpack team dynamics
  • How to Connect, Engage and Collaborate successfully
  • Building strong, effective teams for employee engagement

Leadership development

  • The brain, the 7 senses and how they link with behaviour, attention, emotion
  • Sensory Matrix™️ – how to understand and identify leadership styles based on sensory thresholds
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation – lead by example
  • Understand diversity and manage people successfully
  • The Sensory Tree™️ – an easy analogy to learn about my team and how to optimise them
  • Innovation and creativity – activate high level thinking through the senses

Sensory Intelligence® Corporate Training – What, how, where

  • All our corporate training is in-house and customised based on a client’s needs
  • We have expanded all our workshops into online interactive workshops to adapt to the new reality of COVID-19
  • We do an in-depth needs analysis to ensure we address gaps effectively
  • We believe in a learning journey and ongoing work to shift individuals and teams in a sustainable manner
  • All participants will start with their own Sensory Matrix™️ assess as a self-awareness tool
  • Our workshops range between power hours, half-day, one-day or multiple-day options
  • We can  only work with innovative, out-of-the-box organisations who truly value their people
  • If your staff development and training is only a tick box exercise, please do not contact us as we won’t be the best provider for you
Sensory Intelligence® Corporate Training