At Sensory Intelligence® we help individuals, groups, families and teams to understand themselves and others better to navigate through sensory overload easier, faster and smarter.  The world is busy, overloaded, changing and not slowing down. We have to learn how to understand and manage ourselves best to improve the quality of life through successful relationships, productivity and wellbeing. We use a health and wellness coaching approach and use sensory insights and strategies to help people make sense of their environments.  All our sessions are online but we also work with clients onsite in groups and one-to-one sessions on request and typically as part of a bigger corporate training project. We start with completion of the  Sensory Matrix™,  to determine the sensory styles of clients and practical strategies are based on how individuals respond to the environment via the senses. We roll this out to work, social, family and life environments.

What exactly can we do for you?

Group Coaching

Online group coaching allows us easier, faster and more convenient access for busy people who have limited time but want to learn quickly. We encourage everyone to do their Sensory Matrix™️ online first and thereafter our group sessions are scheduled to address various components of the Sensory matrix.  We do a brief introduction with every session and also allow time for questions and answers. They are typically the following:

  1. Introduction to neuroscience, the senses and the environment
  2. Your sensory system scores and interpretations
  3. Habits and behaviours
  4. What is the best home and work environment for you
  5. Managing stress
  6. The visual and auditory systems
  7. Information overload and information systems
  8. How to use technology best
  9. Touch, smell and taste – how we connect through the social senses
  10. Relationships, seating and personal space
  11. Movement – how the vestibular senses and proprioception work together
  12. Attention and daily focus
  13. Understand how movement creates optimal alert levels in the brain
  14. Sport and movement choices – hitting the gym or not?
  15. Multisensory processing –  choices, habits and working style
  16. Sensory strategies and insights for home
  17. Holiday destinations based on your sensory thresholds
  18. Clothing – how to dress not for success but for comfort
  19. Textures – linen, bath towels, food – understanding your choices and habits
  20. Food choices – types, textures, tastes and smells
  21. Restaurant and dining choices
  22. Leadership styles based on thresholds
  23. Teamwork and collaboration through sensory neuroscience
  24. Productivity boosters based on your thresholds
  25. Making the most of your open plan office space
  26. Seating for best productivity

If you want a face to face session for your team contact us

Individual Coaching

While group, family and team coaching are easy and accessible, we also want to ensure that people who have more complex systems and more personal needs, have the opportunity to engage with our online coaches.  They are all healthcare professionals who no only understand people, healthcare, stress and body systems, but also have a passion to support and help others.

Our online coaching takes a similar format but help individuals with a more focused and one to one approach.

The following are typically covered but can be adapted to fit the needs of each client:

  1. Your sensory style, systems, thresholds and scores
  2. Habits and behaviours
  3. Stress risks and managing thereof
  4. Overload and the information senses (visual and auditory)
  5. Overload and the social senses (smell, taste, touch)
  6. Movement and multisensory
  7. Relationships
  8. Home and work environments
  9. Kick AAS (avoid, anticipate, self-regulate)
  10. Self-regulation strategies
  11. Sensory snacks
  12. Sensory diets
  13. Sensory ergonomics

We have a group of licensed users from the healthcare professions with solid and high level skills and experience. They are listed as associated on our website and work closely with us in order to service a bigger group of clients.

They perform various functions and typically in more diagnostic areas of healthcare. They typically (but not only) work with people with mental health concerns, return to work, ADHD, Autism and various other neurodiverse populations. They are experts at assessing people and design intervention accordingly.

We are proud to be associated with them and support their work. Please contact them if you prefer a face to face session in your area.

They are currently only based in South Africa but we are busy expanding this group to global settings and also into training, workplace design and coaching industries.  Should you be interested to become a licensed user, please read about our practitioners course as that will be the entry requirements.

Who can benefit from a coaching session?

  • Individuals on a path of self-discovery towards a happier, healthier, less-stressed life

  • Individuals and/or workteams who are exposed to busy and highly stressed jobs with extensive work demands and in need of self-regulation strategies to manage stress better

  • Individuals who are sensory sensitive and prone to be overloaded by their work- and life environments (e.g. bothered by noise, touch, smells, visual, taste and/or movement stimuli). We add tremendous practical value for people who battle with open plan office set-ups

  • Individuals who are severely affected by stress and present with concomitant anxiety, depression and other stress-related illnesses

  • Couples and families who want to learn more about the sensory irritations that affect their relationships

  • Parents who is struggling to cope with the realities of nurturing their children

  • Adults suffering from ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders)

  • Adults suffering from Autism spectrum disorders