In order to support people during COVID-19 and lockdown, we are running online training sessions. As occupational therapists, we can empower you with critical skills to manage the new reality of home and online working. We also support and empower you to improve your self-care in assisting your mental health. Check our online shop for more information, we have free seats for every workshop. If you are a business leader and want an internal workshop for your team, contact me

Call centres are unique working spaces with high sensory overload ratings. Typically they are noisy, busy, high-stress and dense workspaces. While technology is the favoured solution, on its own never solve people problems in the industry. Technology is purely an enabler to provide your staff with the necessary work tools.  How they use them in order to engage with your customer is where the going gets tough. Sensory Intelligence® Call Centre Training unpack sensory neuroscience and research in a simple, practical way so that your call centre staff are empowered to manage themselves in order to serve your clients.  Staff development in this industry needs a focus on self-awareness, self-regulation and people skills to empower staff for optimal customer interaction.

What exactly can we do for you?

Leadership development

  • Call centre realities and costs analysis
  • People solutions – how to think differently about solving people issues
  • Research and global trends
  • Sensory audits for call centres – how to create productive workspace
  • Sensory assessment for staff – talent decisions based on sensory thresholds
  • People development and training for customer service

Team leader development

  • Leadership styles through sensory assessment
  • Understanding human behaviour and why people do what they do
  • Sensory overload and stress – how to be more observant of irritations and distractions
  • Performance tips for agents
  • Environments and seating – how to create more comfort for best productivity

Power Hour for Agents

  • Self-awareness and self-insight for accountability
  • Self-regulation – how to manage my own attention, emotion and behavior
  • Sensory snacks – how to manage my stress in the moment to talk to my customer
  • Sensory diets – my responsibility for self-care when at home
  • Sensory ergonomics – how to understand and use my workspace best
  • Stop, look, listen – the basics for customer engagement
  • Healthy habits to maintain calm, well and focused

Sensory Intelligence® Call Centre Training

  • Our training is focused on internal, in-house training as well as online workshops
  • A needs analysis will provide us with background, gaps and culture elements
  • We believe in learning journeys to establish sustainable change and not as once off, shotgun approaches
  • Our workshops can be adapted to be power hours, half day, one-day or multiple days
  • We only work with call centres who has a supportive culture and truly care about staff development
  • We can also provide train-the-trainer programs for your call centre for internal roll out
Sensory Intelligence® Call Centre Training