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Online assess for general, corporate, healthcare industry to improve productivity, wellbeing, relationships.

The Sensory Matrix™️ is an online assess to:

  • Explain your unique sensory processing style and how you respond to the environment
  • You will identify your unique neurological threshold for your 7 senses
  • You will understand your personal habits, behaviours, irritations, stressors and distractions better
  • It provides clear, easy and practical strategies for emotional and physical wellbeing
  • You can apply it immediately in you work and personal life
  • It increases your self-awareness, improve your self-care and helps you be more in tune with your environment and the people around you

Designed by Dr Annemarie Lombard, the Sensory Matrix™ is embedded in research and 30 years of clinical and training experience.  If you are on a journey of self-discovery and wish to be healthier, happier and more productive this tool is for you.  It also explains how and why people are different and takes your relationship understanding to a different level.

The cost excludes 15% VAT for South African customers.

The process is:

  1. Order
  2. Pay
  3. You will receive your unique and secure password immediately via email to complete the Sensory Matrix™️ online.

It takes ±15 minutes to complete, asks questions about your daily responses to provide results, interpretation and practical strategies in a 26 page PDF report format.  It is yours, unique and forever to keep.

9 reviews for Sensory Matrix™

  1. Yvonne van der Merwe (verified owner)

    The Sensory Matrix online is understandable and it is easy to navigate, given its structure. It also does’nt take long to complete. I like the way The Sensory Matrix Report is designed and found it helpful to be reminded of my behaviours/actions which is naturally/subconsciouly driven and the effect thereof on my close relationships, my leadership style and team behaviour. The effect of these behaviours on stress is significant and it is great to understand how to apply sensory tools, sensory activities in our daily lives and how to make changes to our work environment to relief stress. Application of the practical tools and activities will enhance my overall well-being.

  2. Verity Joyce (verified owner)

    Excellent and clear tool that can make sense why you (or someone else) thrive better in some environments and feel like you need a breather in others. Understanding yourself first is key to wisely regulating your approach to life. Well set out report, easy to read and structured.

  3. Stephanie Morrison (verified owner)

    I highly recommend that everyone take the time to understand and work with their sensory thresholds using the Sensory Matrix™ . The first step is knowing that your sensory processing is genetic. Then use the extensive, truly actionable support provided after completing the assessment to achieve one’s best self in any situation. The Sensory Intelligence Consulting team is outstanding both in knowledge and caring.

  4. Anoeschka

    It’s a great way to see how the different parts of your sensory systems function as each of us are unique. Helpful tips to help manage and organize our every day life. Thanks.

  5. Carien Smit

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Sensory Matrix session. We spoke about practical ideas on how to adapt your environment to ensure personal productivity.
    I am also able to know how to incorporate sensory breaks into my daily routine.
    Thank you.

  6. Mary Anne

    An excellent resource and highly recommended to gain a deeper understanding of oneself.

  7. Jo Morgan

    The Sensory Matrix is a great way to understand our senses and how we respond to the environment. Great tips – sensory snacks and diets to add to your day and week and sensory ergonomics to consider any changes to your environment to help you function more effectively. Great team – communication and access to the assessment was quick. Would highly recommend. Thank you.


    The Sensory Matrix is the golden thread to promote health and well being in our lives. A practical guide to encourage a life style where we can manage our energy and our response to the input of the world around us.

  9. Tanya

    Understanding my Sensory profile and thresholds has been life changing for me, as there were certain stressors that seemed ‘insignificant’ for others but I couldn’t understand why there were big things for me- that was until I did the Matrix. I realised how I could change my daily schedule to include some quiet time and reduce the visual stimulation in my office and home- which then reduced my overall stress and the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed. Highly recommended to anyone.

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