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Sensory Matrix™️ Online Workshop


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The session will be as interactive as possible with the following content:

  1. What is the Sensory Matrix™️, why was it developed and how do you benefit
  2. Sensory threshold results and how they influence your attention, emotion and behaviour
  3. Sensory systems scores and total scores – how do we use them
  4. Sensory system results – low, medium, high and fluctuating
  5. What creates more stress for me?
  6. What must I do to self-regulate and self-calm
  7. Questions and Answers

Join one of our FREE 90-minute online group sessions. COVID-19 means that most of us are in lockdown, stressed, worried, and juggling a new work-life norm. The Sensory Matrix™️ provides easy, simple and straight forward insights and strategies for you.  Invest the time and effort into your own health and mental wellbeing.  A pre-requisite for joining is that you already completed your full Sensory Matrix™️ online and have a digital copy of your report.  Bring your report and results to the workshop and we will unpack more detail and insights for you.  As occupational therapists, we are using this opportunity to help and support our global community.

You need to sign up through the shop in order to join! We will be running these online workshops regularly, come back to our website and shop for further information.

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18 June 2020: 9.00 – 10.30 Central Africa Time, UCT+02:00, 23 July 2020: 15.00 – 16.30 Central Africa Time, UCT+02:00, 27 August 2020: 15.00 – 16.30 Central Africa Time, UCT+02:00, 19 November 2020: 09.00 – 10.30 Central Africa Time, UCT+02:00

8 reviews for Sensory Matrix™️ Online Workshop

  1. Kate Whittaker

    This is interesting tool for exploring and understanding oneself from a grounded, physiological basis.

  2. Stephanie Morrison

    Spot on description with exactly what I need to do to get through today’s times, but also for a lifetime!

  3. Carien Smit (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this workshop, understanding my assess better and giving me control on how to adapt and change my environment in order to preserve my energy and improving my productivity.

  4. Joan Nosal (verified owner)

    I participated in a free session with Ann Marie regarding the Sensory Intelligence assessment and the practical application. I enjoyed the time and learned so much about myself and the other participants. The differences and tolerations under stress responses and management is most interesting to me and the work that I do with clients. I look forward to learning more in the future. I highly recommend AnnMarie and the Sensory Intelligence.

  5. Yvonne van der Merwe

    I had the opportunity to attend a second workhop facilitated by Annemarie. She in a professional and competent manner introduced and worked through our personal assesss based on the Sensory Matrix. I experienced the workshop as enligtening , interesting, enabling me to understand my own and others’ behaviour better. Thank you for your enthusiasm , inclusivity and practical advice we can use in our work environment, our relationships and life in general !

  6. Verity Joyce (verified owner)

    Felt privileged to be a part of the workshop. Individual differences were respected and Anne-Marie’s expertise helped to explore tools and strategies that could be helpful. Disability was considered well in my case, giving me much food for thought on how to develop from my report.

  7. Andi (verified owner)

    We arranged for my 14 year old daughter to complete her assessment and take part in the workshop as a way of understanding her own profile and how we as a family could make adjustments to support her before she goes back to college. She really enjoyed the workshop, feeling supported as one of the group and came away enthusiastic to make changes and adjustments. We’ve ordered the book and look forward to learning more!

  8. Dr Roger Maitland

    The sensory matrix is a valuable resource that can be applied to enhancing your performance at work as well as the quality of your experiences in your personal life, family and relationships. The online workshop is insightful with practical guidelines to immediately apply your learning. The work is well founded on scientific research. Annemarie creates a warm and supportive environment to explore your profile. Highly recommended!

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