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Online sensory style assess for the contact centre industry to optimise people for productivity, seating and wellbeing.

Senses on Call™️ is an online assess to:

  • Explain unique sensory processing styles based on how a person’s 7 senses respond to the environment
  • It has been designed exclusively for the call centre industry to measure a person’s natural ability to work in sensory overloaded work environments
  • The results will group a candidate into the best work environment as well as best role allocation based on the levels of sensory overload present – it is basically doing a matching of the person to the workspace and role
  • It also provides insights in productive seating and equipment – easy practical, tips and tools to help people work easier with less distraction and stress
  • Call centres want happy, productive staff that will be loyal and serve customers best – this tool will help you do just that

Designed and developed by Dr Annemarie Lombard, based on her doctorate research within the call centre industry to help reduce attrition and absenteeism while helping people to work best. It saves time and money for the industry as it will help to get and retain the most resilient candidates who typically thrive in busy workspaces.

The cost excludes 15% VAT for South African customers.

The process is:

  1. Order
  2. Pay
  3. You will receive your unique and secure password immediately via email to complete the Senses on Call™️ assess online.

It takes ±15 minutes to complete, asks questions about your daily responses to provide results, interpretation and practical strategies in a 9 page PDF report format.

1 review for Senses on Call™

  1. Eugene Joubert

    For those HR or Learning and Development Managers that have not used this tool to aid in appointing call centre agents – take note – you will save a lot and get on-target applicants for the occupation. I have seen many appointments screened via this matrix and they are spot-on for the correct position inside the call centre. Eugene Joubert – Chairman of Corporate Rebels

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