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Sensory Matrix™️ Online Individual Sensory Coaching


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We will discuss your individual needs based on the Sensory Matrix results:

  1. Scores, results, insights
  2. Influence on attention, emotion and behaviour
  3. Kick AAS – avoid, anticipate, self-regulate
  4. Relationships with others and how you can improve
  5. How to self-manage and self-regulate
  6. Are you making the right choices
  7. Sensory stimuli to calm and organise your brain
  8. Daily productivity
  9. Health and wellbeing – coping best with life, work, family
  10. Managing time and energy

Book your 60-minute one-to-one session with our sensory intelligence® online sensory coach, Marieta du Toit.  Your Sensory Matrix™️ results will be explained, unpacked and implemented for you by a professional occupational therapist. You will be able to use the results, insights and strategies in a more sustainable and comprehensive manner. Especially for those people who have very low, very high or fluctuating thresholds, this will be most helpful with practical implementation. It is a prerequisite to have done your online Sensory Matrix™ prior to the session. 

Choose 3 options from the list above in order for us to cover enough detail for you.

Please contact us to schedule your interactive, powerful and valuable session.

2 reviews for Sensory Matrix™️ Online Individual Sensory Coaching

  1. Sarie Dippenaar

    Refreshing! Marieta du Toit helped me to get all my senses in sync with my body, my environment and the people around me. Personally, and professionally it boosted my confidence and renewed the way I interact with my spouse, son and co-workers. As a mom of a nearly 4-year-old, it literally opened my eyes to new and different ways of encouraging my son and teaching him to see and explore, to listen and to deal with emotions. As a professional, previously working in an open plan environment and now, working from home, she gave me tips/snacks on how to address the immediate red flags and how to communicate better, among other things. This in turn helped me to be a more efficient and productive employee, a better mom and a better wife. Sensory Matrix™ makes you realize that we are all different, but knowing yourself, together, we can reach for the stars and beyond! I’ve switched to the Sensory diet and it is working WONDERS!

  2. Sakkie Basson

    “The Sensory Matrix™ and debrief is a must for any workplace or married couple. Understanding and acknowledging that people have different sensory thresholds and what those thresholds are will bring out the best in any relationship. This relationship could be personal or work related. So glad I did it for myself as well as for my employees.”

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