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Comprehensive Practitioners Training for Adult Sensory Processing

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Bookings now open for February/March 2021 course 

By attending this course, you will gain knowledge, insight and service offering to:

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of adult/adolescent sensory processing and the neuroscience behind it;
  • Gain insight in Sensory Matrix™ assessment and how to help individuals to understand and accept themselves;
  • Get upskilled in assisting people in realizing how to improve the quality of their own life, home, work and relationships;
  • Explore the most recent research and development of sensory processing for adolescents and adults;
  • Expand and improve your service offering as a healthcare provider/coach;
  • Provide a staff development- and training methodology for organizations interested in investing in their employee’s mental health, wellbeing and productivity.

Learn the theory, science, research and application of sensory processing to expand your work toolbox as therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches in helping clients improve their quality of life. The training sessions will be presented by Dr Annemarie Lombard – subject expert, thought leader, facilitator, founder, CEO. The course is fully online and consists of 12 modules using a blended learning approach of e-learning and live Zoom sessions. Each module will consist of a 120-minute live, interactive session. All the content and follow-up quizzes (5 questions each) will be on Google classroom. You will receive ±22 CEU credits accredited by the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. The module sessions have set dates and are scheduled for February-March 2021.

The modules will be presented during the following time slot: 15.00-17.00 South Africa Standard Time, UTC+02:00.

The module sessions will include the  following information:

  1. Introduction to Sensory Intelligence® – 16 Feb 2021
  2. Theory and constructs of sensory processing – 18 Feb 2021
  3. Neuroscience, pathways and sensory connections – 23 Feb 2021
  4. Research and scientific data in adult sensory processing – 25 Feb 2021
  5. Sensory assessments for adults – 2 March 2021
  6. Your Sensory Matrix™: Part 1 Sensory systems – 4 March 2021
  7. Your Sensory Matrix™: Part 2 Total scores – 9 March 2021
  8. Sensory audits™ and the environment – 11 March 2021
  9. Sensory overload, stress and arousal – 16 March 2021
  10. Intervention models, mental health frameworks and solutions – 18 March 2021
  11. Sensory Matrix™ for clients and case studies – 23 March 2021
  12. Implementation and the way forward – 25 March 2021

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4 reviews for Comprehensive Practitioners Training for Adult Sensory Processing

  1. Shainaaz Parker

    Brilliant course to attend. Practical ways of applying sensory snacks and diets. I would recommend all occupational therapists working in mental health (or other fields) to attend this course. Well presented. Book immediately to avoid disappointment.

  2. Christelle van der Merwe

    This 3-day course was extremely insightful and so well presented by Annemarie. I liked how interactive and practical it was. I will now be able to understand others better which will empower me to read and treat patients more effectively. Anyone can benefit from this course, not only therapists. Highly recommended!

  3. Marina van Zyl

    I did the Sensory Intelligence Practitioners Course and I can truly say that it changed my life – in lots of small, significant ways, and it changed my perspective – in a big way! It is practical and scientific-based, and it works! Thanks, Annemarie.

  4. Michelle Hannington

    I already had a good understanding of both sensory modulation and neurosciences, having studied both postgrad. However, this course brought the material alive for me and made it deeply personal, so that I will never forget it. Greater insight and understanding of oneself is an incredible gift and Annemarie facilitated this excellently. I suffer from extreme anxiety, insomnia and OCD, and medication and therapy have only helped ease the symptoms, but by making simple and practical changes to my home and work environment, adding sensory snacks and focusing on a sensory diet, I have already seen changes that I have been waiting many months for! Plus, my relationship with my husband and son has been strengthened significantly by seeing them through my ‘sensory intelligence’ glasses, and my husband is happy to be getting more time to play golf! Thank you again for a life-changing course.

  5. Tanya

    After I had done the Matrix and understood how life changing this was for me personally, I was really wanted to learn more. As an Interior designer, I found that I was already (unconsciously) using many of these theories / applications within the homes or spaces I design, but I didn’t have all the tools to unpack this for clients. Doing the course was wonderful- as it sparked such a passion to create sensory integrated spaces and holistic homes, as even small environmental changes can make such a huge impact on peoples wellbeing. I use this information every day- both for myself and my clients, and will soon be launching an aspect of Home Wellness consulting into my design offering.
    I feel like I have only touched the tip of the iceberg with my knowledge- so hope to keep learning more!

  6. Michelle Leresche

    Thank you so much for the time and effort that you guys put in; not only to provide the course but in setting it up, and responding to each and every comment. I love it when I see such professional behaviour from colleagues. I really liked the 12 – module on-line format and I honestly believe that I would never have derived as much benefit from a 3-day intensive course.

  7. Lucinda Williams

    I wanted to thank you so much for your time and teaching on the course. I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects but specifically looking at the research and biological components. I have used different sensory assessments in the past but I LOVE the visual presentation of this assessment but also the background information of how it came to be.

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