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7 Tips to reduce digital fatigue


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  1. Introductions and check-in
  2. Home versus online working – what is the difference
  3. Sensory overload (digital through eyes and ears) and sensory deprivation (social distancing and movement restrictions)
  4. Your auditory sense – headsets, earphones, distractions…
  5. Your visual sense – screens, views, backgrounds…..
  6. Movement breaks – when, how, why
  7. Scheduling and time management of online work and meetings
  8. Your personal sensory style and how to understand yourself
  9. Questions and Answers

Join one of our 90-minute online workshops (live Zoom sessions) to help you understand the sensory overload you are experiencing as a result of increased digital working and communication. We base the workshop content on how the 7 senses influence the brain through daily stimulation with a focus on the visual and auditory systems. We will talk through the do’s and don’ts of screens, views, headsets, earphones and how the digital world can play havoc with your brain.  Using your digital world aligned with your needs will reduce fatigue levels and boost productivity and efficiency. This workshop is perfect for people who have got their home working environment set up but want to maximize their online and digital capacity. The session will include the  following interactive information:

As a COVID-19 incentive, the first 10 people can join at a reduced price.  Use coupon to qualify: COVID-19-6. Thereafter the normal rate applies. You will receive a user guide after the workshop to revisit the material and follow the guidelines accordingly. Anyone is welcome to book an individual coaching session online thereafter for more detailed insights and support.  Having completed your Sensory Matrix™ before the session is ideal but not compulsory. At least make sure that you’ve done our FREE sensory quiz.

Please note that we are occupational therapists with specialists knowledge on sensory processing and how this influence the brain and resulted impact on attention, emotion and behaviour. As healthcare experts, we support people with simple, easy, effective and sensory-based insights and strategies to be more productive, healthy and happy. We are not IT or systems specialists.  We want to empower you to understand how the excessive use of digital communication is impacting your brain and daily productivity.

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20 August 2020: 15.00 – 16.30 Central Africa Time, UTC+02:00

18 reviews for 7 Tips to reduce digital fatigue

  1. Tarryn Engelbrecht (verified owner)

    A great and concise workshop that covered all the bases in terms of practical points and logistics whilst also reminding me to ‘work with where I’m at’ and maintain my own sensory health and productivity. Thanks for a quick check in during these unusual times and a few ideas for the way forward as we navigate the new normal.

  2. Jade Bolitho (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the very practical and easy to apply tips to help with the transition to working online. It gave me a lot to think about and I really value your time in sharing knowledge from your experience! It was also good to connect with other professionals who are in similar situations.

  3. Mary Anne Constable (verified owner)

    I’m still in the early stages of learning about sensory intelligence but the workshop was very eye-opening for me in terms of helping me think through how my mental/emotional state relates to my senses. I have worked from home for many years and feel that getting to grips with some of these issues might really help me to improve my structure and focus. Thank you so much for an informative workshop. I look forward to learning more!

  4. Jounelle

    Great consideration of our bodies when our focus is so much on technology and the mind.
    Loved hearing about the movement breaks as it is something I often forget to do! Thank you.

  5. Roger Maitland

    A valuable workshop with practical neuroscience-based guidelines on optimising remote work and online engagement. Insights are immediately applicable and I’ve already got value from this workshop!

  6. Lindie Coetzee

    Practical information to make immediate changes!

  7. Annematie

    thank you. i have learned a lot . Can not wait for the next one

  8. Mpho Ramoejane

    The workshop was very informative and aroused my self-awareness.

  9. Christine du Toit

    I absolutely LOVED the structured and almost peaceful way this workshop was presented. It made me so aware of how we jinx ourselves just from pure ignorance. Thank you so much for enlightening me and inspiring me to find out more.

  10. Arnelle Mostert

    A workshop that provided very valuable information for our present situation. Practical and easy applicable information was provided. Definitely worthwhile to watch.

  11. Mada Ferreira

    I found this course very valuable. First, the Free sensory quiz gives you an indication of your sensory preference. Secondly, with knowledge of your sensory preference, you understand yourself, and your environment with the sensory input you experience better. I enjoy the practical tips on how to make small changes to prevent digital fatigue. There are a number of simple changes that I am implementing immediately to increase my productivity and prevent digital fatigue.

  12. Charné Vercueil

    Joined the webinar today (Tuesday 30 June 2020) about the 7 tips to reduce digital fatigue. I am always glad to hear and see that there is nothing wrong in the way in which I experience my sensory environment – which makes me who I am. And that I am not alone. This is what the webinar of today emphased to me. It’s was really an interesting and unique webinar and I learnt a lot.

    Looking forward to the next session!

    Thank you!

  13. Theresa Pienaar (verified owner)

    A short note to say a big THANK YOU for the session presented to our claims managers on managing Digital Fatigue.
    As managers we spend the majority of our time ensuring that the colleagues that report to us continue to remain happy, heathy and productive during these uncertain times – but more often than not; neglect ourselves.
    There were a few real “A-HA” moments, with some managers indicating that they were relieved to hear that they weren’t alone… Some of the practical tips already implemented in my work from home space.
    The session really hit the spot- thank you again.

  14. Marlene Pretorius

    In this ‘new normal’ circumstances that we find ourselves it really is valuable to have sessions like this.

    Things that I didn’t think about were highlighted and I have learned some valuable lessons/tips!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!



  15. Lynnette Schoeman

    I attended the Digital Fatigue workshop on 22 July 2020 and this was a very positive experience. Annemarie is someone who really understand her field and address the matters at hand. Her neuroscience background linking to our 7 senses made me realise how important it is to listen to your body and make sure that you keep the balance. Drinking lots of water, eating healthy, regular exercise and doing some activities that will take your mind away from the digital equipment and digital world is crucial during lockdown. With our work environment which changed completely we need to adjust to our new world, and this is not easy. Tips on how to set-up yourself effectively, time management and self care is priceless. Annemarie / Marieta thanks so much.

  16. Sian

    A huge thank you to Annemarie Lombard and Marieta Du Toit for a successful and insightful online workshop held on the 22nd July 2020.
    Looking forward to implementing many of the strategy’s we had discussed to reduce digital fatigue. Thank you for keeping it interesting and within the time limit.
    Great session!

  17. Glenda Rhoode

    Hi Annemarie and Marieta,

    Thank you so much for a truly great session yesterday.

    This was not the first of this type of session I have attended, but by far the best one.

    You have a manner of connecting with your audience and your and Marieta’s combined strengths in managing the session are very evident in the regular mini survey’s, with very relevant questions, really help to increase the attention and focus.

    You also talk to people in a more person manner by relating things to their own lives, digital – and muting everyone – in a way makes it feel a bit like having a personal one-on-one session with you.

    It has inspired me to actually want to follow through on some of the advice given, because you spoke to me.

  18. Julia Buchanan (verified owner)

    Thanks Annemarie and Marieta,
    This proved to be a very informative session, with useful practical tips to improve the regulation of our own sensory systems during these new Covid times, and to pass some of this information onto clients and others – or refer them directly to your workshop! Thank you!

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