Sensory Intelligence® Consulting uses practical and effective neuroscience strategies to ease classroom management, nurture diverse students and boost focus and concentration. The world we live in is changing rapidly and so is the way that children are growing up. Children struggle to cope with overloaded schedules, endless homework and overwhelming technology. Teachers are faced with limited resources, constant deadlines and immense stress. We make sensory neuroscience simple for teachers so that children can live, learn and play optimally.

What exactly can we do for you?

Profiling People
Profiling People
Implement effective self-regulation and self-management strategies for teachers and parents to cope best with daily demands.

The Sensory Matrix™ assessment is a scientific assessment tool to help teachers and parents understand their sensory thresholds and how they respond to their environment unconsciously. Understanding your own sensory assess as a teacher and/or parent can help you be more focused and reduce unnecessary stress.

Work Space Assesment
Work Space Assessment

Make the most of your sensory classroom space and classroom management with expert one-on-one guidance to reduce distractions and promote learning.

We conduct a comprehensive classroom audit, deliver a detailed report and provide solution-driven as