Sensory Intelligence® Consulting uses a PhD-developed scientific system to reduce hiring risks, maximise resources, and increase company prosperity and call centre customer service. Contact centres are one of the fastest growing industries globally. They are typically competitive, busy and sensory overloaded environments. Staff targets, noise and stress make it a highly demanding place to work in. Our mission is to move away from old paradigms and rethink the way call centres recruit, manage and support their staff.

What exactly can we do for you?

Senses on Call™
Simplify sensory neuroscience to improve performance and tenure for your contact centre

Senses on Call™ is a scientific and cost-effective recruitment and management assessment specifically designed for the contact centre industry to select and manage people to optimise their performance and enhance call centre customer service.

Work Space Assessment
Measure, understand and optimize the physical call centre environment for end user comfort and wellbeing.

An on-site sensory audit uses a 50-point benchmarking assessment to determine whether the environment is supporting focus, attention, collaboration, creativity and productivity. Our goal is to help you create work environments that are healthy and productive.

Training & Development
Create a call centre where innovation, efficiency and performance are daily occurrences.

We provide practical, innovative and interactive training for all levels of call centre staff.  Habits and behaviours are changed when we empower people with insight and knowledge.

  • Maximized profitability per call centre agent. Reduce the exorbitant, yet often hidden, costs of attrition and employee absenteeism in contact centres.
  • Enhanced leadership for call centre management. Empower executive and team leaders to lead, motivate and engage best with your teams.
  • Improved staff morale and employee loyalty. Create a positive, supportive and successful workplace where your agents can thrive.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. If your agents are happy and productive, your customers will be too.  Happy, productive agents = happy customers. It is as simple as that.

Important statistics you should know


Team leaders are often not equipped to deal with operational as well as people management demands. We offer sensory evaluation and interactive workshops that
empower executive and team leaders to better manage, motivate and engage agents.


Body copy for each stat Lack of energy and focus leads to employees not applying themselves and a decline in output. Our sensory audits offer specialised solutions to optimise workspace, improve agent focus and boost company productivity.


High call center training and induction costs add to overall staff-related expenses and a high turnover rates exasperates this. Our scientific methods equip recruitment staff to hire the right person, the first time.



Christelle van Deventer
Learning and Development Consultant at banking client
“We have seen a significant change in productivity in our teams. There is more respect and better communication within the teams. Staff are more self-aware, they manage their own time and distractions better. 

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Their approach to self management, productivity and wellness has shifted. In my opinion, the Sensory Intelligence® intervention has been highly successful and we are planning to roll this out to more teams in our organisation.”

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Yaron Shapiro
Director at Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates (SSDA)
“There is nothing better than speaking to subject-matter-experts to gain real insight, trend analysis and best practice. At Sensory Intelligence you get such experts. Annemarie and her team are wonderful to engage with.”
Beverley Cornwell
Customer Care Manager at Spur Group
I found this workshop incredibly interesting with practical solutions to assist, not only Call Centre Agents, but everyone in the workplace, to maximize their performance.  Many of the topics covered could also assist with home life.