Dr Annemarie Lombard

Founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting

With 30 years’ national and international clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist in Learning and Development, Dr Annemarie Lombard based her Doctorate research on comparing sensory assesss with performance, absenteeism and attrition in Contact Centres. As a result she obtained her PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Cape Town in 2012.  She has a particular interest in the dynamics of open plan, high-impact and virtual environments and how this influences performance, wellbeing and relationships. A core focus of the work Sensory Intelligence® Consulting does is to address and improve the interactions between people, environments and resulting human behaviours.

This focus ties in with the overall vision to empower individuals, businesses and organisations for greater health, prosperity and success.

Although this is achieved through innovative and revolutionary thinking and doing patterns, the solutions and interventions are simple, practical, tangible and sustainable. Annemarie consults and works with expert individuals and affiliates to deliver customised Sensory Intelligence® interventions across various industries, in order to help make work, life and learning easier!

Service offerings include:

  • Online assessment for people to determine their sensory styles
  • Sensory audits – assess, understand and manage workspaces
  • Corporate training solutions
  • Call centre training solutions
  • Education training solutions
  • Health Coaching (group and individual sessions based on the senses)
  • Speaker engagements

Professional Affiliations and Awards

  • Annemarie authored “Sensory Intelligence: Why it is more important than EQ and IQ” and her work has been widely published across print media.
  • She often acts as keynote speaker at conferences.
  • Registered Occupational Therapist with the HPCSA (Health professions council of South Africa)
  • Professional Category Winner, Business Woman of the Year, awarded by the SACBW (South African Council for Business Women), 2008/9

Sensory Intelligence® Consulting

  • Registered Closed Corporation
  • BBEEE compliant
  • National Gold Award for Best Non-Technical Innovation – Externals, awarded by BPeSA (Business Process Enabling South Africa), 2010


Authored by Dr Annemarie Lombard, the Founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, Sensory Intelligence explains why you and others respond to sensory input the way you do. In addition to a conceptual framework, the book offers practical strategies for how to modulate your senses to adapt to your environment and other people, or change your environment to fit your sensory preferences. As a reader of this book, you will be able to function more effectively and have greater understanding and adaptability within your relationships, both at home and at work. What is your sensory intelligence?

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Yolanda Grobler
Occupational Therapist & Founder at HireBright and Fit2Work
“I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Lombard on a disability placement project close to my heart. Dr. Lombard is one of the most amazing, dedicated, open-minded people I have worked with.

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Her extensive knowledge in her field is astonishing and it is always with awe and admiration that I look up to her. Truly inspiring!!”

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Charmaine Mitchell
Sales Representative at USB Executive Development

“Dear Annemarie. My colleague at USB-ED introduced me to your book, Sensory Intelligence. I read it tonight. I wanted to personally thank you for releasing this book.

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5 years ago, I discovered that I am sensory sensitive. Since then I have not been able to gather proper information regarding the subject for better understanding. And then I started reading your book… It is the best book with the most valuable information I have ever come across as a human being. Throughout my life I have been classified as over-sensitive and people have often taunted me for reacting differently to sensory stimuli. And all it was, is what you classify as “sensitive/defensive”. Thank you for your book’s accuracy. Not only did it help me understand myself even better, but also to understand other people and their levels of sensory tolerance/intolerance. I would love to listen to one of your presentations.”

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Grethe van der Merwe
Previous manager at [email protected]

“I had to read Dr Annemarie Lombard’s book on Sensory Intelligence for work purposes and it was the one book that I just could not put down.  I sat at my desk and finished it right then and there. Afterwards I just had to attend the Sensory Intelligence workshop.

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Not only does this knowledge and understanding of your own Sensory assess help you to understand yourself better, but it opens up a whole new world in how to deal with and handle the people around you.  It gives you an insight into aspects of yourself and your relationships that I never understood before. I now have the ability to regulate my stress levels much better and have the insight to understand the behaviour of others so much better. I really think that everybody should read this book – it’s an absolute must!”

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