Children’s work is to play

On the 1st of May, countries worldwide celebrated Worker’s Day. This public holiday was first introduced in 1891 and South Africa has been joining in since 1994. This annual “day off”, also known as May Day, serves as a celebration of workers’ rights. I am yet to find a labourer or employee who disagrees with the importance of this well-deserved holiday.  I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday!


Worker’s Day applies to schools as well, as teachers and teaching staff most definitely deserve this welcoming duty-free day. And yet, when we think of all the school-going children partaking in Workers’ Day celebrations, it’s sometimes difficult to justify how they may also benefit from a celebration clearly singled out for the workforce? Kids just play every day, don’t they??? Maybe our thinking towards little humans is somewhat unfair?


I have found clarity for this dilemma in the essence of my work: Occupational Therapy.  I wish I had a cent for every time I’ve heard the words “So, do you find jobs for people?” when someone discovers what my profession is. The real meaning of Occupational Therapy (OT) appears to be quite a mystery to some. So, let’s shed some (much needed) light on the subject and find how it could possibly link up with Workers’ Day for kids:


According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, occupations are various kinds of life activities in which individuals engage, including:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Rest and sleep
  • Education
  • Work
  • Play
  • Leisure
  • Social participation


A young child’s profession is to PLAY … an older child’s is to be EDUCATED. Just as we, as working adults, leave our homes in the morning to go do our day’s work, our children go to school to practice their profession – LEARNING & GROWING. For some children, their work is a piece of cake; for some… not! And that is where OT’s come in: we strive to guide and help our little clients to reach their full potential in all occupational areas they might have.


As OT’s working at Sensory Intelligence®️ Consulting, we aim to enhance children’s LEARNING & GROWING by empowering teachers and parents to implement practical, effective, easy-to-use sensory strategies with the purpose of enabling all children to develop into well-adapted, positive and healthy individuals. We strive to ensure optimal development for all learners by assisting teachers and parents.


Our focus areas, when it comes to education, include (but are not limited to):

  • How teachers can manage their own stress effectively
    Discovering their own sensory thresholds, creating self-awareness and identifying strategies to manage overload and stress better according to their unique assessment results.
  • How to unlock learner potential
    Identifying learners’ sensory thresholds and applying simple, effective sensory strategies to optimize their learning experience.
  • How to change the classroom environment for optimal learning
    Practical, cost-effective ideas to enhance layout, seating and space in a classroom
  • How to deal with stress in learners
    Identifying sensory strategies that educators and parents can teach their learners with the aim of self-regulation when anxious and stressed
  • How sensory play improves development and learning
    Preparing children for optimal learning by addressing their sensory needs during developmental phases
  • How to help learners concentrate in the classroom
    Sensory strategies to enhance focussed attention and a sense of calm
  • How to reduce barriers to learning
    Insights and sensory tips to help children who learn in a different way
  • How to cope with the sensory side to Autism
    Sensory strategies to optimize a child with Autism’s learning and living


A child’s play is a child’s work, which is essential for their preparation for the world awaiting them as adults. We should help them play (learn, work, grow) as well as they can.


I really hope you enjoyed the day off yesterday and if you have kids, I hope you enjoyed a day full of play with them, because after all:


The end of labour is to gain leisure – Aristotle


To find out more about other services we offer at Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, read our latest blog Calm down and call your Sensory Intelligence® OT


Calm down and call your Sensory Intelligence® OT

Have you ever wondered what makes Sensory Intelligence® Consulting’s services different from other wellness interventions? Read on …

What makes Sensory Intelligence® Consulting different?

Our world is getting more complex by the day: our senses are constantly being bombarded from all directions. Due to this overstimulation of our sensory systems, our focus, concentration, productivity and quality of life get more affected than we necessarily realise.  We are seeing high levels of disengagement within work teams, families and at schools.


There are many tools on the market that look at cognitive strategies, in other words understanding behaviour from a top-down approach. This means using our minds to understand our bodies and our environments. What makes our approach different, is that we use a bottom-up approach. Our approach emphasises using our bodies and environments to understand our minds and our behaviours. More than that, it teaches practical and easy-to-implement strategies to use our bodies in an attempt to influence our top-level functions, e.g.:

  • effective learning
  • productivity
  • concentration
  • decision-making abilities


Sensory Intelligence® Consulting is unique in that we provide neuroscience and researched methodology to optimise people and space in their different environments, e.g. at home, at school, or at work. We know that humans are unique and different in the way they experience the environment, and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work!


Why does Sensory Intelligence® Consulting use occupational therapists (OT’s) to provide its services?

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Annemarie Lombard, is an occupational therapist. Her PhD research looked at the unique relationship between environment and performance, based on an individual’s sensory thresholds. She employs occupational therapists to deliver our services – ranging from individual and corporate wellness to educational workshops to parenting support. OT’s are uniquely trained in understanding the connection between the environment, your body and your brain. We look at our client holistically and offer unique solutions that fit with their environment, situation and sensory thresholds. No other profession is trained in sensory integration and has such a holistic view of the human mind and body.


What do we use to determine your sensory thresholds and unique assess?

Annemarie developed the Sensory Matrix™, an online tool that determines your sensory thresholds across the different sensory systems. The results of the Sensory Matrix™ are consolidated into a personalised and customised 25-page report that:

  • promotes self-awareness, by showing your sensory thresholds for all your senses with practical tips on how to self-regulate to reduce stress levels
  • helps you understand your environment and those around you better.

The Sensory Matrix™ ultimately assists you in improving your health and well-being, as well as boosting your productivity, focus and energy. No other tool looks at the connection between a person’s  body and their environment in this unique way.

What services do we offer?
  • We offer individual Sensory Matrix™ debriefs and coaching for anyone who is interested in finding out more about their unique assessment.  Find out more about the Sensory Matrix™ here.
  • We offer Corporate Wellness workshops. These workshops are based on the Sensory Matrix™ results of employees and customised according to your company’s needs.  Find out more about our corporate wellness workshops here.
  • We offer educational workshops and teacher training to assist teachers in their important roles as educators.  Found out more about the educational workshops here.


Do you have any other questions?  Email [email protected]. We are happy to answer them for you!


Remember, KEEP CALM and call your Sensory Intelligence® OT!


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