What is Sensory Intelligence®?

Knowing about your senses (see+hear+touch+taste+smell+move) and how they respond to your daily environment is important and can make a huge difference in your life.

How does it work?
It is based on primitive, unconscious brain-body responses: Your brain responds to the millions of sensory messages you receive at any given time per day through an individual filtering process. This facilitates all daily responses and/or actions.

How do we evaluate sensory intelligence®?
Through a standardised sensory assessment process.

What is the value of sensory intelligence®?

  • Identify direct connections between sensory processing styles and performance.
  • Make effective, appropriate and valuable changes to your environment and/or personal working methods.
  • Increase performance and teamwork – create happy, productive environments.

What are the processes involved in sensory intelligence®?
Discover your sensory style by completing your Sensory Matrix™ assessment – Acknowledge the impact on life, work, relationships – Adapt and do things differently to optimise your sensory style!

Your brain is your biggest asset

”It is thousand times more powerful than the worlds most powerful computer…and it’s all yours!” Tony Buzan

The top part of your brain is called the cortex, it can be described as the CEO of your brain. It is responsible for all your executive functions of thinking and doing.

When cut through, the middle and lower parts of your brain are shown. They control your attention, emotion and reactions to sensory input from your environment. It can be described as your brain’s secretary to the CEO and supports performance.

Sensory Intelligence® addresses these lower, primitive functions of the brain to ensure high level intellectual functions and performance. Through workshops and coaching sensory intelligence® aims to:

* Identify your unique sensory style
* Learn how to improve your focus and attention
* Improve your interactions with colleagues and team members
* Increase self-awareness of individuals and teams
* Identify sensory stressors responsible for un-productivity and learn techniques to eliminate them

Who has benefited

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